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It’s time to fix that broken iPhone screen! We’re your go-to source for replacing cracked LCD screens, weak batteries, inactive charging ports and almost any other functional or cosmetic issue you could have with your iPhone. The Apple Retail Store in Ann Arbor can replace your device if you have the extended and optional Apple Care warranty, however for users that haven’t made that purchase we are your third party cell phone repair solution!

We have a healthy stock of high quality replacement parts for almost everything you could possible break – from screens for the iPhone 5 to small parts like speakers and microphone internal replacement components. Before you give up on your phone and upgrade to the next shiniest device, bring it into us and we’ll get it running efficiently again!


Let’s get it fixed! What’s wrong with your phone?

iPhone 6 Screen Repair Done in 1 Hour

You’ve broken your iPhone screen and need it fixed ASAP, but without breaking the bank – we know the feeling. That’s why we get cracked and smashed iPhone screens fixed in 1 hour or less during standard weekday hours. This obviously depends on how many customers are in front of you, but our diagnosis and estimates are always free and we keep our prices as transparent as possible. Know exactly how long your repair will take, how much it will cost and when you can expect to pick up your phone. We know convenience is important and that people want their device back as soon as possible so we’ve designed our repair services to be effortless and easy.

iPhone Charging and Battery Issues Solved

We get quite a few customers coming through our doors each day confused by their iPhone’s inability to hold a proper charge throughout the day or simply frustrated by the fact that it isn’t charging as fast or as efficiently as it should. This is indicative of a charging port issue or a worn out battery, both which are common problems for older iPhone 4S and 5 devices. The good news is that while this may be driving you crazy we can diagnose and solve this type of problem the same day by either replacing the battery or charging port (or both) within an hour or two. The standard batteries installed with every iPhone model have all been lithium-ion and they have a certain number of charge cycles they are rated for before they start to deteriorate. Of course when this starts happening Apple obviously would prefer you purchase an entirely new iPhone model, but we have an alternative solution – full battery and charging port replacement backed up by an extensive sixty day warranty. We can have your frustrating days of carrying a charger around behind you in a few hours at the most, come on in today, no appointment required.


We aren’t some fly by night operation and have done extensive research to make sure we hire only the most experienced technicians and use the highest quality parts that are available on the market. Using low quality components can be a pain, and waste your time in the future – cheaper screens crack easier from less impact, and battery replacements done with less expensive batteries can leak and cause catastrophic damage. Avoid these issues altogether and have your iPhone fixed by our technicians using OEM replacement components from some of the best suppliers out there.

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